show the result as a family story

show the result as a family story

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It's the Family history writing challenge this month ( february 2014 ) Fabulous !

Difficult to believe to succeed without experience, Archives are ok for building family trees but not to make lively characters. but with the advices of Lynn, it works.
Look at this intro ! Isn't it efficient to present the family ?

"At his father's death, Francesco decided not to do like him : dying exhausted at the hospital, leaving his family without any
livelihood . He would not go on working as an agricultural worker and sure not under his brother's orders. He could not bear him any longer.
But were there other choices ?
He should be satified yet to have something to eat everyday and to sleep in a house. He should thank goodness to have some work. In Nizza, peasants had a lot of work to provide the city and for the tourists who paid the vegetables.

- if you were born in Albenga, you would know what misery is !

Told him his mother, afraid by the illusions and the revolt of her 14 years old son. He wanted to change of social condition, work by his own, buy a piece of land to grow flowers, build a large house were he could age surrounded with his children and grandchildren ...
In the depth of her heart, Cattarina was proud of this clever and ambitious son. He was the first of the family who could read, write and speak french but where was it to lead him ?
If he does not turn out badly !


The atmosphere was rough for this last meal which gathered Cattarina and her 5 children. no more joyfull sunday lunches, no more songs when the wine warmed up her husband Carlo's heart while Costanza, the elder girl, served them "gnocchis au pistou" (pistou = garlic and basil). The family was going to split at the end of the harvest. Michele did not want to keep a mouth to feed.
There, they were, all around the table. Sadly, Cattarina was looking at them. The elders brought already back their wages.
Costanza, 18 years old, would get married soon. In the meantime,she earned already her living and was going to stay with her and Giuseppe, 16-year-old head of the family.
Francesco, 14 years old and Onorato, 12 were going to find wages easily but Battista ? He was just 6 years old. Giuseppe had the hard heart, he was jealous of all his brothers and especially of this youngest son, cherished by her mother as a cherub.
Cattarina begged him: that he staid with them at least till the summer, so he could go to school and achieve reading and writing.


- Why making him as proud as Francesco ! Said Giuseppe.
- I want to do as Francesco, I will cultivate flowers, not potatoes. Stammered Battista.
- Flowers, it's not easy but more that pays more than potatoes and it is less painful to collect. Francesco intervened.
- You are always more malignant than the others! For flowers, you need a lot of water and good soil. The rich people are not going to leave with you the smallest end of their domain. Anyway, where are you going to find the money ? Answered the elder son.
- With all these tourists and all the constructions, the work is not lacking on French Riviera. Said Francesco, not really sure of himself but ... he would take the risk."

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