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Print your agnatic family tree on 8 generations. It's the origin of your family surname.

on line numeric archives from the french departementsTo find your french ancestors ,
map and list of the french departements who gives free access to their digitized archives for genealogic research : civil registration, vitals records.
Each french departement has a number: 01 : l'Ain, 02 : l'Aisne ....

votre arbre genealogique
arbre sosa The purpose is :

For number n, his father is 2*n, his mother 2*n+1

arbre genealogique To start genealogy, four generations may be enough.

  • The tree must be printed on A4 or US letter , select picture. Check print preview to ensure.
    If you can't see the picture, go to internet properties, advanced, and check "print colors and background".

  • For each number , try to be short : name, surname,...When you submit, you see the result
    Choose your tree :
    ange La Brigue port breton gimp
    automne olivier meleze AEF ange
    Sosa number to start ? <
    1 = you
    2 = your father
    3 = your mother
    4=2's father-->
    6=3's father-->
    7=3's mother-->
    8=4's father-->
    9=4's mother-->
    10=5's father-->
    11=5's mother-->
    16=8's father-->
    17=8's mother-->
    18=9's father-->
    19=9's mother-->
    32=16's father-->
    33=16's mother-->
    34=17's father-->
    35=17's mother-->
    64=32's father-->
    65=32's mother-->
    66=33's father-->
    67=33's mother-->
    128=64's father-->
    129=64's mother-->
    130=65's father-->
    131=65's mother-->

    To keep your privacy, no data is registered on the server. To register your data on YOUR computer, you can authorise a coockie.
    register a coockie

    Samples of agnatic tree (my family)

    Lanteri, Le Guennec, Bessault and soon Bry, Runigo, Rantrua ...

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    arbgre généalogique agnatique gratuit

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